Crafting Visionary Eyewear

One Pair at a Time

2Gs Glasses Is A Company Built On A Simple Idea: Your Glasses Should Be As Unique As You Are

We've witnessed one too many customers settle for less when it comes to their eyewear.

The compromise between style, comfort, and finances has disappointed many.

We're here to shatter those limitations and transform your eyewear experience. You should never have to sacrifice self-expression or settle for anything less than spectacular.

That's precisely why we've developed a unique customization system that puts the power in your hands. Say goodbye to generic frames and hello to a world where you can design your eyewear right down to the tiniest detail.

It's time to take pride in how your eyewear enhances your unique style.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and embrace a new era of eyewear that reflects who you are.

Customer Service




We’re committed to honesty and transparency. Even when nobody is looking, we always do the right thing.

Your experience is our priority.

Every piece of eyewear is inspected by hand, ensuring consistency and quality.

Our solutions celebrate differences and embrace uniqueness with personalization options for every aspect of your eyewear.

Get to Know Our Custom Eyewear Pioneers

Founder & CEO

Meet Glenn, the mastermind behind 2Gs Premium Glasses.

Fed up with the frustration of ill-fitting frames that didn't match his style, Glenn took matters into his own hands. With a blend of business savvy and his brother's optometry expertise, he crafted a one-of-a-kind eyewear solution.

Get custom-made glasses that tick all the boxes for your face and fashion preferences.

Productions Manager

Meet Grant, the driving force behind the flawless assembly of your custom eyewear. With an impressive background in optometry and an MBA from the University of Texas, Grant brings unparalleled expertise.

As the CEO of our cutting-edge manufacturing lab, Elevate Digital Optics, located in Dallas, Tx, he ensures that every detail of your eyewear is executed precisely. Grant's dedication and leadership guarantee that your glasses are not just assembled correctly but crafted to perfection.

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© 2GS Glasses | All rights reserved. 

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